Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Pineapple Shawl

Earlier this year I made a mint-green pineapple shawl. 

 I crocheted this one, but pineapple shawls can also be knitted. Although you can find several examples of this pattern from mid-century patterns, the pineapple stitch to the best of my knowledge was first published in 1917. (ok, technically Edwardian)
Here are some examples of mid-century pineapple designs:
Crocheted Pineapple shawl
Get a load of this baby! One huge pineapple on the back. Haven’t seen a lot of these. Most patterns I’ve seen of pineapple shawls are like the second image.
Wasn’t able to find an image of an earlier version, but the puff stitch (which looks remarkably similar to the pineapple design) shows up in a lot of older shawl and garment designs. The antique pattern library is an amazing online resource for crochet and knitting pattern from the last two centuries. The Corticelli Lessons in crochet book n. 13 (published in 1920) demonstrate the puff stitch. A lot of pineapple designs also show up in doily patterns.
When I made mine it took a long time. It wasn’t technically challenging (all the stitches were ones I knew and had used before), but time consuming. Each pineapple you see takes several rows to complete.
I chose to do this one in a baby yarn mostly because I needed a good mint color, and well, baby yarn and pastels go hand-in-hand. Although the dingly things on the edge aren’t typical for most pineapple shawls I’ve seen, they’re pretty and I liked them!
Images courtesy of amazon and pintrest

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