Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Black Go-to Dress

At some point last year (can't remember when) I made Simplicity 3673:

I used a black suiting material from Joann's. I can't remember the type of fabric. I think it was polyester (isn't everything) or some kind of mystery blend. I've really gotten my mileage out of this dress. I've worn it to the symphony, nice dinners, and my MA graduation!

Here it is:
I know, I know, doesn't quite look like the picture. My middle is slightly bigger than the model's, and the shoulder straps are bunched on the hanger. (I really want a dress-form, maybe for Christmas, fingers crossed)

It wasn't the simplest, despite the Simplicity brand. There are twelve darts around the middle. Yep, I said twelve. Technically not difficult, just time consuming (and boring).

Close-up of the darts:

The bodice is lined and the sems are all turned to the inside. You have to pull the whole thing through a 3 inch opening in one of the straps. Pretty cool technique.

There is a zipper down the back with a hook and eye closure at the top. The skirt is pretty full. With a petticoat underneath it looks pretty sweet. I especially like wearing it with a green silky top that has a bow at the top, gives it a real 1930s look, oddly enough.

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