Saturday, January 11, 2014

Modish Dress

I've made progress on Simplicity 1609! Its really an easy pattern, a "jiffy" one in fact. I chose a double knit (at least I think it is a double knit) fabric I picked up at Joanns a while back. Its black with felt polka dots. I wanted a warmer fabric for this one since its so cold here. I've had fun pinning it to my new dressform as I go, making sure everything is fitting together. I chose view B. I like the bow on the front.

All the pattern pieces ready to cut:
See the largest piece? That is the front of the dress. The weird slit you see where the fabric peaks through is closed and sewn together. Its kind of like a big dart, but the top slopes down more towards it. This gives the dress slightly more structured even though the dress itself is very mod, i.e. little structure. 

The other pieces:

The back and front pieces of the dress have several darts. These very pretty easy even though I'm working with a knit fabric. After cutting out and sewing the darts, I sewed the shoulder seams together. Here are a few pictures of the dress so far pinned to the dressform:

Before I started this dress I played around a little with draping (with this fabric) on my dressform. I was going for a sort-of Victorian (maybe overskirt on a bustle gown?) effect:

See what I mean with the front drapes?

Well anyways, Happy Sewing!

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