Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finished- Simplicity 40s Blouse

Yeah! Finished another blouse. Simplicity 1692 was pretty easy, nothing unexpected. I'm pretty pleased with the fit too! Its a bit loose, so comfortable and contemporary, even though it is a 40s design. The sleeves are attached to the front and back pieces, so I didn't even have to separately attach sleeves, which is awesome. The only thing about the pattern that I felt wasn't necessary was the zipper. If you make the blouse loose enough like I did (I followed the sizing on the pattern, if you want a tighter fit maybe size down one size), or if your fabric has any stretch to it, the zipper is not needed. The blouse slips over my head, even though I didn't add the buttons.

I did add the zipper, to be safe:
seriously, probably the first time I didn't have to redo, or do any seam ripping on the zipper

See all the fraying? The silky fabric I used definitely needed this:
Put on seams, this great stuff stops the fraying. It does smell, and it will get on your fingers and dry like glue. But for a fabric like this one, totally crucial.

Here's a picture of a seam with the seam glue:
The dark spot along the edge is where the fray glue is applied. Apply it on the wrong side!

After this was just a bunch of hemming, blah.

Here's the finished product:

Yeah, the color is totally different in each picture. The actual color is between these two.
Happy Sewing!

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