Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1940s housecoat, so far

I've done quite a bit of work on this, my one and only housecoat project to date. I feel like there's not much to show for it, but let me explain!

Here's a teaser:

First the preliminaries:
I chose plaid flannel. Warm, all-cotton, and well, not terribly expensive. You may remember the pattern from my last post, no? here's a link:

As you can see there are two views for Butterick, neither of which by themselves suited my fancy. So I'm going with something of an A/B combo. As you can see, I'm doing the trim of view A, but I will be going with view B's longer sleeves. Since I'm adding the trim of view A I'm not doing the contrast fabric on the yoke of view B. I couldn't really think of any contrast fabric that goes with flannel.

So after cutting everything out, I had to attach the pre-gathered trim to the yoke. It turned out to be less harder than I thought.

(as you can see, I'm not even trying to match the plaid lines, hey, its a housecoat)

The only tough part was getting the corners to look even and well-rounded. When attaching the bodice front and back to the yoke, you really have to make sure you aren't sewing onto the trim (fyi). 
There's also a bit of gathering on the bodice back, and front, not bad though. 

hey, those lines kinda match!

There is also (not pictured) a facing yoke inside. This makes three layers of fabric on the yoke total, which I like because it gives the yoke a bit of structure without going full-hog and sewing in some interfacing. 

The most onerous part so far is that I have sewed the seam where the yoke and the bodice meets three times to accommodate the layers.

Next up are the sleeves.

Well that's all for today folks!

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